Colombia Antioquia - El Manzanillo - Finca Colombia - Caturra

Samen met Cuperus selecteerden we onze eerste Vitesse Cycle Coffee: een Colombiaanse specialty coffee met volle body, romig mondgevoel en milde chocoladetoets. Deze medium roasted coffee is bij Vitesse Coffee & Cycling te proeven én te kopen (in verpakkingen van 250g).




Antioquia is the region where coffee was first introduced to Colombia more than 180 years ago. A major coffee farming region, Antioquia boasts the largest growing area in the country. Spanning more than 128,000 hectares, the area produces a variety of different coffees thanks to the region's many microclimates and terroirs.

Ciudad Bolívar is a district lying south west of the Antioquia mountains, which is home to several coffee farms. Its economy is based on coffee, which provides a means of subsistence, progress and development for the thousands of families that have been practising the art of coffee production for generations.

Finca Colombia is a 52.3 hectare farm that produces around 1,500 sacks of green coffee per year. The farmer is a young woman called Catalina Vasquez, who is very eager and willing to implement the changes we suggested to improve the quality of her coffees. In fact, Marjorie visited this farm in late 2017 to see how it could be improved and to determine the terroir's potential.

Angel also visited the farm at the start of this year to taste its coffee. He saw the farm's potential and this year we are pleased to be able to offer you Caturra coffee from Finca Colombia. It is a pleasure to see some new young faces in the coffee industry; it reassures us that the production of high-quality coffee will continue for a long time to come.